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Yolunda A.Ş: Çinçin Bağları Hikayesi is on theatres. banabi sound! made the soundtrack for the movie.
May 1st, 2015

April 20th, 2015

banabi sound! is a collective of
musicians and sound designers from Istanbul
producing theme music and soundtracks
for motion pictures and games.

we compose our tracks
both with live instrumentation,
and using hardware and software equipment.

we produce music in a wide variety of genres
including eastern and western sounds,
and instruments within global and traditional modes.

we design fx and soundscapes
both via manipulating acoustic vibrations,
and synthesizing original sounds.

our studios serve
for recording, editing, mixing
and mastering of any desired sound and music. BanabiSound on Facebook BanabiSound on TwitterBanabiSound on SoundCloud